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Inspiring a Love of Music

We are a small team of highly trained piano teachers who love teaching and love music. From the very first lesson, we work with our students to teach them the language of music. We introduce music in a positive, exciting, challenging way that inspires students to want to know more. In a short time, students are expressing themselves through the music they are making.

We are passionate about giving all students a solid foundation so that they can use their knowledge to follow whatever musical path they choose.

High school student playing piano

As a student of nearly ten years, Ms. Robin and Mr. Raymond Yee have genuinely been two of the best teachers I have ever had. Dedicated and extremely passionate about piano, they are always trying their best to help each of us succeed. By taking lessons with them, I have now learned that music is more than just the competitions and the awards. It is about how we can express an idea through a piece of music and enjoy the music we are playing.

Alex Wei


An option for everyone

We offer three different options to meet the needs of different students.

Teacher and young student | Yee Music Studio

Private Lessons

Students enjoy complete one-on-one time with a teacher. Each lesson is tailored to the student. Students can move through material as quickly as they are able.

In private lessons, we offer two different focuses or tracks: Competitive and Recreational.

Competitive Track offers an intensive training program in classical piano music for students who want to be challenged and who are committed to working hard to achieve excellence. As the student progresses, they are able to participate in local, state, national, and even international piano competitions. We provide private piano lessons that give students the foundation necessary to excel at every level, from the youngest beginner to the most advanced.

Recreational Track offers a more leisurely pace. Once students learn the basics, lessons are focused on music the student loves, such as pop songs, Disney, hymns. 

Student playing piano

Rotating Lessons

Rotating lessons are a fun, new twist on the traditional private lesson format. It is called “rotating” because the student rotates around three different stations during the lesson.

All rotating lessons are one hour in length, divided into three sections: private instruction, directed listening, and theory. Three students share the hour, all rotating among the different stations under the teacher’s instruction.

These three elements provide the foundation necessary for students to go in any direction they choose with piano.

They will learn the necessary skills to be successful and happy in their music-making and piano playing.

Preschool Piano Class

Preschool Class

Our preschool piano classes are a fun introduction to general music with a focus on piano. This small-group experience lays a foundation for future music learning and fosters creativity and expression through music.

This is a great option if you would like to see if your child has an interest in piano before they have the attention span to sit for a regular private lesson. It will also give them a head start if you decide to enroll in private piano lessons when they start Kindergarten.

Our Studio

We offer a unique program of team teaching

Each student will have a team of excellent, highly trained piano teachers who are invested in their students’ progress and success. The teachers, each with their unique personality and teaching style, work together to ensure the student receives the very best and most complete education possible.

We are passionate about excellent teaching and we actively pursue learning opportunities to better ourselves and hone our craft. Teaching piano is a combination of skill and art. We are constantly refining both to be able to offer our students the best education in the area.

Preschool piano lesson
Preschool piano lesson

I really like the format of having several teachers in one studio. It has allowed each of my children to gain multiple perspectives on how to learn piano and music as well as helping them each connect in different ways with their teachers. Every child learns differently and having several great teachers that communicate with each other has really fostered and accelerated the improvement in my kids. I wouldn’t choose another studio in Baton Rouge!

Russ Bryant


Piano Lesson Equipment

State-of-the-art Equipment

We believe it’s important to provide our students with a learning experience that includes interaction with high-quality instruments and equipment in order for them to learn the refined movements necessary for advanced techniques.

Collectively, our studio has three Yamaha grand pianos and two upright pianos. We also have two hydraulic adjustable benches and two artist benches that allow students to have the correct posture while playing.

Students who are too small to reach the floor will use an adjustable pedal extender in order to keep correct posture and be able to play pieces that require the pedals.

Having access to the right tools can make all the difference in the piano learning experience.

Why Choose Us

Small, close-knit piano studio

Learning a musical instrument like piano is a very personal experience. Each student is unique and needs a teacher who understands their learning style, as well as a curriculum tailored to their individual needs.

We are not a big school; we are a small studio of teachers who contribute to every student’s musical growth in a team-teaching effort. Students benefit from having piano lessons with multiple teachers who are working toward the same goal.

Team teaching piano lesson

In our music studio, we foster a love of music as well as a sense of community. Small group classes, performance classes, studio recitals, duet, and ensemble playing – all of these opportunities encourage students to enjoy the music they make along with their piano friends.

Our students are like family to us. We form a small, close-knit community of children and parents who are dedicated to learning. We would love to have you join our musical family!

Group class piano lesson

Meet Our Team

Robin Yee

Robin Yee

Raymond Yee

Raymond Yee

Becca Chappell

Becca Chappell

Molly Cahlink

Molly Cahlink

Taylisse Boissonneault

Taylisse Boissonneault

Nae Rim Moon

Nae Rim Moon

Austin Gatlin

Austin Gatlin

Hong Zhang


Excellent and professional teachers who let students learn at their own pace and explore their own interest. My children have been taking classes for the past six years and have accumulated dozens of trophies! 

Kehui Xu


Training the Complete Musician

Analytical Skills

Learn to analyze music in order to facilitate accurate learning and faster memorizing.


 Learn to correctly use the body to produce a variety of tone.

Ear Training

Learn to recognize pitch and to listen critically and analytically.

Performance Skills

Learn to perform confidently and convincingly.

Lillian Qian



Learn different memorization techniques to have a better understanding of the music for a secure performance.

Practice Skills

Learn to practice efficiently, creatively, intelligently, correctly.


 Learn to connect with the music and produce beautiful sounds.

Music Theory & History

Learn the foundation of music.

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