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Our Fall semester begins August 20!

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We offer four different lesson lengths to meet the different needs of student progress:

Preschool piano lesson

15-minute Lessons

This option is for preschool students who are just beginning. The student will review material from the previous week and be taught 1-2 new pieces. 15 minutes is just enough time to cover all necessary material while also being brief enough for students to maintain focus.

Kindergarten piano lesson

30-minute Lessons

This option is best for younger beginners (Kindergarten – 3rd grade). The student will review material from the previous week and be taught 3-4 new pieces, depending on ability and practice routines.

Child piano lesson

45-minute Lessons

This option is best for older beginners (3rd grade and up) and for students who are younger but are progressing quickly. For students actively participating in competitions, this option is strongly encouraged. This time length allows the student to work through multiple method books, then multiple pieces for competitions.

High school student piano lesson

60-minute Lessons

This option is best for advanced students who are preparing multiple, longer pieces for competitions. This allows the students enough time to work on pieces in the depth necessary to learn and excel.

About Us

Intentional Excellence

From the very first lesson, we train students to have a strong foundation in technique, music reading, and musicality. As they progress, this foundation allows them to excel and achieve a high level of playing.

Our students’ hard work, combined with our training and high expectations, leads to success and inspires them to continue to work hard and succeed.

My favorite part of teaching is starting lessons with young children. I love starting at the beginning and leading them through the learning process. It’s so rewarding as a teacher to see students make beautiful music when, just a short time ago, they knew nothing. I love seeing their confidence and ability grow.

Robin Yee

Owner & Teacher

Preschool piano lesson
Young child piano lesson with teacher

We are committed to providing the highest level of education to our students

Through weekly lessons, frequent performance classes, competitions and recitals, students are challenged to learn more quickly, perfect their music to higher levels, and perform at their greatest ability.

Duet piano lesson with students

Students also experience a strong sense of camaraderie within our studio and encourage and challenge each other as they grow together.

Student Piano Concerto lesson

When you choose to take lessons with us, we commit to giving you everything necessary for success. Our competitive piano lessons in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas will give your child a sense of confidence and achievement.

Competition breeds Excellence

There are many life skills learned by playing piano at a competitive level:








Attention to details






Grit and Perseverance


Cultivation of a positive attitude when experiencing disappointment


Graceful acceptance of constructive criticism

At the end of the day, what really matters are not medals or trophies won, but rather the joy they have developed playing music, as well as the perseverance and disciplines nurtured through both dedicated practices and tough competitions mentored and guided by both Robin and Raymond.

Shuangqing Wei


High school piano duet students

Baton Rouge Piano Lessons for Piano Competition

Participating in piano competitions provides many benefits:

Students learn how to perform while being nervous

Students are able to share their music

Success in competitions encourages students to continue to work hard

A set competition date provides a goal with a deadline

Students feel rewarded for their efforts

Written comments from judges provide more feedback that helps a student improve

As we always tell our students, “The ultimate goal is to play as much music as you can, as well as you can, learned as quickly as you can.” Competition participation encourages this goal; students are trained to play many different pieces at a very high performance level, learned quickly and efficiently.

We encourage students to participate in competitions so that they are motivated to excel. We do NOT encourage students to participate in competitions to win; we challenge every student to reach their full potential and play their best no matter the result of the competition.

Consistent practice leads to consistent progress

At each lesson, the student will review the last week’s material. If they show proficiency in all previous material, they will learn new material.

In every lesson, the teacher will provide comprehensive practice instructions for the student to follow at home during the week. We also offer support through your Tonara account if you or your child has any questions about a particular piece or assignment.

In order to be successful, students must practice at home consistently throughout the week. We recommend students practice the length of their lesson time each day at home. (Students in 30 minute lessons should practice 30 minutes each day at home, etc.)

We want your child to be successful! We will do everything in our power to give your child the tools they need to be confident in their learning and practicing.

Piano students duet hands



We seek out performance and educational opportunities for our students, including:

Masterclasses with guest artists

Lessons with college faculty

Competitions in the state and surrounding areas

Summer festivals

Solo recitals

Scholarship opportunities from music organizations

Visit our Opportunities page for more information!


How much do piano competitions cost?

Each competition has its own entry fee set by the competition organization. Local competition fees are usually $20-30. More prestigious competitions range anywhere from $30-150.

Students will also need to own an original score (sheet music) for the music they are playing. Sheet music can cost anywhere from $7-50, but is usually around $15 per book.

How many competitions do students participate in each year?

Our studio participates in 15-20 piano competitions each year. During the first year of lessons, it is unlikely they will be ready to participate in any competitions. After that, it will depend on the student’s progress.

1st Year of Study: 0-1 competitions
2nd Year of Study: 2-4 competitions
3rd-5th Year of Study: 3-5 competitions
6th Year and after: 3+ competitions

The longer a student takes piano lessons, the more opportunities they will have. Students who have been in our studio over five years participate in an average of 6 competitions a year.

How long should my child practice each day?

We encourage students to practice every day; the minimum practice requirement is 5 days a week. We suggest students practice the length of their lesson each day (30-minute lesson, practice 30 minutes each day, etc).

Student progress is directly tied to effective practicing at home. Learning to play piano is different than most other extra-curricular activities. It requires consistent practicing away from a teacher’s instruction. Lesson time should be used to learn new things, not to practice a previous assignment. Home practice is where progress is made.

The more a student practices, the more successful they will be, and the more motivated they will be to continue to practice and learn new things.

Do we need a piano at home?

Yes! A student cannot make progress without practicing at home. They must have an instrument on which to practice. If a student does not have a piano at home, they will make no progress and it is a waste of time and money to invest in piano lessons.

We realize that pianos are very expensive. If you aren’t ready to invest in a piano yet, you have other options. Please talk to us if you have any questions about a suitable instrument for your child.

Can my child start with a keyboard?

Yes, you may start with a keyboard for the first year. An acoustic piano is preferable from the start, but is necessary after the first year. A keyboard or electric piano is unable to produce the sound and touch of a real piano. Your child will be unable to progress as much with a keyboard as they would with an acoustic piano.

We want the best for your child. Talk to us about different options if this is a concern.

Are parents allowed to sit in during lessons?

Unfortunately, we are not able to allow parents to sit in during lessons. However, we provide parent guides, videos for each piece, and Tonara support.  You are welcome to come in occasionally if you would like to check on your child’s progress or have any specific questions.

It is important to us that you feel involved in your child’s learning and we will communicate with you often about your child’s progress.

How involved do parents need to be?

When students first start piano lessons, it is important for parents to be very involved, especially if the student is very young. As the student matures, we expect them to take more responsibility for their practicing and learning. Each year, the parent should give the student more responsibility and independence. By the third or fourth year of lessons, parents do not need to be involved in the student’s everyday practicing.

The most important job that parents have is making sure the student is practicing at home, getting to lessons on time with all of their materials, and communicating if there are any problems with practicing. The student should be responsible for what is practiced, how it is practiced, and their own progress.

At what age should a child start taking piano lessons?

We recommend starting private piano lessons in Kindergarten. However, there are always exceptions. Some 3-year-olds are ready to start private lessons and some 6-year-olds are not ready; it depends on the child.

We offer a preschool music class for children ages 3-5. We also offer private preschool lessons of 15 minutes.

At the Meet & Greet, we will let you know if we think your child is ready to start lessons. We promise to be completely honest; we do not want you to waste money on lessons that will not be productive.

Want to try a lesson or two before committing?

See our a-la-carte lesson pricing.

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